It is the time when the parents are busy in picking the right school for their children. The next academic year is just the days away so it is the right time to complete the admission procedures and make sure that your child got enrolled in a right school. As a parent providing quality education to their child is always remains the top priority. In today’s competitive market academics play a huge role in shaping your child’s career and at the same time, it is very important for you to pay attention to their perceptive and creative skills to overall development. Opting for CBSE syllabus will help them to match the skills required to clear the competitive exams in future. With the rapidly growing number of schools in and around Gurgaon it might confuse you to choose the best CBSE School in Gurgaon that fits the needs of your child.  Here are the important factors that you need to consider before choosing a school for your child:

Academics and extra-curricular activities:

In the fast-growing cities like Gurgaon where the number of career opportunities is increasing every year for educated youth, it is important that your child matches learning enough skills to match the skills that require to grab those opportunities.  It is your duty to ensure that the school which you select meets the high standards of excellence in terms of the academic curriculum, teaching methodology, and moral standards. The school should also pay attention to extra-curricular activities like singing, dance, sports arts and crafts which play a massive role in developing the child’s personality.

Teacher-to-student ratio:

It is important to choose a school that allows less number of students per class. You can choose the schools that allow 30-35 students per class which will help them to learn the right amount of skills during their schooling.


You need to give the highest priority to the schools that provide a clean and hygiene environment for your kids.  You need to check and confirm this personally because the unclean environment will affect your kid’s health and that will reflect in their academics.


Parents these days tend to enrol their kids in the expensive CBSE schools impressed by the high-tech facilities and it is a common misconception. There are lots of best CBSE schools in Gurgaon offering quality education at affordable pricing. There is no need to choose the expensive and luxurious schools instead you can go to the schools that are offering full value for money and provides better facilities which ensure the all-round development of your child.